Core Technology

EngineCAL’s focus has been the creation of unique technology using its founding team’s industry experience, lessons gleaned from the Aftermarket and a vision for safe, clean and efficient motoring.

EngineCAL builds advanced Connected Vehicle products and custom solutions with a focus on deep vehicle analytics for capping tail-pipe emissions and reducing fuel consumption. Our technology is unique compared to various applications of IOT in the global Automotive Industry. We specialize in prognostics, in-vehicle realtime smart energy management and Auto-Industry 4.0.

EngineCAL’s prognostics technology detects interim deterioration and enables pre-empting component/system failure. This helps maintain tail-pipe emissions and fuel consumption close to factory set conditions and certified values. This tech layer works parallel to the vehicle’s existing diagnostics tech and forewarns far before the component/system fails enabling preventive repair/maintenance. The existing onboard diagnostics technology is designed to detect failures. However, partial failures are hard to detect especially when there are subtle drops in performance. EngineCAL’s prognostics capability has been deployed in application-specific form factors for OEM R&D, fleet companies, service-centers and car owners. One unique product built with cutting-edge data-mining and modelling capabilities using OBD-II raw data is the world’s first Prognostics-tester successfully deployed for car-service and used-car assessment in India and abroad. (EngineInsight).

EngineCAL’s tech layer developed for processing realtime powertrain data to assist the driver/rider control the vehicle in an efficient manner is a capable and unique feature to save fuel/energy from the cockpit. EngineCAL’s version of ‘informational ADAS’ has proven to save 8-12% of fuel every drive cycle.(EVACustom).

Auto-Industry 4.0 bespoke solutions are an intriguing application of our realtime vehicle analytics and cutting-edge cloud engineering for End-Of-Line (EOL) vehicle quality testing, on-road vehicle prototype testing and Test-Cell automation.

At the heart of our technology is the AI – Eva.

EVA® – Powertrain AI

EVA or Engine & Vehicle Analytics is a hybrid AI engine built by combining Machine Learning and a rule based expert system. The AI has been specifically designed for powertrains of today and the future. EVA works on powertrain data and gives deep insights on powertrain health, realtime powertrain performance management guidance for an optimum drive and calculates genuine drive score

EVA’s vehicle algorithms are cutting-edge, meant for real-world applications encompassing real-world emissions challenge and usage pattern. The models are built from ground-up completely based on the type of powertrain. As an example – the algorithms between direct injection and indirect injection (port) gasoline engines differ considerably. Similarly, the software calculations for monitoring older high compression ratio diesel engines with electro-mechanical fuel pumps and new gen low compression ratio diesels with high pressure fuel injection systems differ vastly. The models are designed considering their real-world application – on the road or muddy ruts anywhere in the world. They have been built with an understanding that powertrains are evolving incessantly from the thermodynamic to basic construction perspective. Whether the engine employs the Millers cycle or is Camless, the algorithms are designed to work seamlessly with a high degree of calibration capability available for fine-tuning at the emissions chassis dynamometer.      The calculated fuel algorithms have achieved as close as 1.0% of the carbon balance method on the Chassis Dynamometer. EVA is part of all applications built by EngineCAL spanning custom OEM projects, service centers/repair shops, telematics/fleet companies and car owners. Custom projects for vehicle manufacturers include our unique End-Of-Line (EOL) vehicle quality test solution, complete vehicle monitoring for R&D and as an OE fitment.