EngineCAL’s powertrain AI was designed to be the core of multiple applications. Depending on the form factor and deployment, Eva is the brain of our ‘special purpose’ products like Cai & EngineInsight® as well as custom OEM and Aftermarket solutions.

Connected Car Solution

EngineCAL’s Connected Car Solution is an optimum combination of edge and cloud computing. We provide the entire ecosystem comprising the IOT device embedded with our library, cloud and accompanying smart phone software. We can also provide our software library for integration in the Customer’s IOT device. The library is a potent one supporting advanced prognostics, intriguing drive stats, drive score and ofcourse, vehicle tracking.

In-Vehicle Smart Energy Management & Cockpit-Of-Future (COF)

EngineCAL developed tech to realtime assist the driver control his/her vehicle in a manner that the drive is safe and optimal. An optimal drive means that it was completed with the best fuel economy possible (reduced CO2) all while considering a pragmatic drive pattern/style. Built to be seamlessly integrated into the Cockpit of the ICE or Hybrid powered vehicle, the tech layer is calibrated inline with the calibration philosophy of the target powertrain. The system guides the driver to seamlessly stay within the powerband falling in the emission zone which is calibrated for an optimum balance between emissions, performance and CO2. The tech was also built for effective protection of the engine and engine systems from unnecessary wear. The audio alerts (visual alerts on cluster/IVI/HUD) are designed to be non-intrusive, engaging and intuitive, seamlessly becoming a part of the drive. Tests have shown an improvement of 8-12 % in fuel consumption using just raw OBD-II data.

EDAS – Efficient Drive Assessment System

EDAS from EngineCAL has been designed for accurate, pragmatic and fair assessment of the driver/drive. It is based on EngineCAL’s proven and unique deep vehicle analytics engine. EDAS uses Powertrain CAN data to efficiently track incorrect drive practices. Field analysis has shown that while some drivers may be aware of certain incorrect/sub-optimal practices, they are not always aware of the consequences to their car and the environment. Further, it was ascertained that drivers are willing to be participative if in-cockpit tech for fuel consumption and safety improvement is provided. Unlike other drive assessment or drive scoring systems, EngineCAL’s EDAS relies on realtime engine data which, based on 4+ years of R&D, has shown to be more effective and in some cases fairer to the driver in terms of scoring him/her.

End-Of-Line (EOL) Vehicle Testing

EngineCAL’s unique offering for Industry 4.0, the EOL vehicle test solution has been designed for thorough vehicle testing at the EOL dynamometer or test-track. This ensures premium quality adherence of each vehicle leaving the EOL. The EOL solution enables reduction of test equipment at the EOL, easily replacing legacy test systems thereby saving factory resources.

EngineCAL’s tech for the EOL is deployed for fine powertrain quality assessment via prognostics and fuel consumption tests all with a plug and play ecosystem for optimum cycle time between each vehicle test. Whether it is the display computer docked at the EOL dynamometer or the mobile unit on board the vehicle undergoing EOL track testing, the program is a sophisticated closed-loop guided test run to ensure robust data gathering for accurate powertrain health and fuel consumption check.