AI At The Edge

           Edge computing is steadily gaining ground in the automotive industry. To carry out complex functions at the ‘localized’ controller is becoming a core strategy for future tech builders. This, instead of sending all raw data to the cloud where … Read More

Musing of an Engine Maniac

It’s tough being an automobile manufacturer. Buyers want so much. And why not? Cars just keep getting better and better. You can never get too used to a good thing now; can you? We want good performance, great mileage and … Read More

Emerging trends in Variable Valve Timing Systems

Man’s quest to be mobile led to the invention of the Internal Combustion engine. It is a significant invention of our times. Throughout the century it has evolved in leaps and bounds and continues to do so today. However, the … Read More

Solenoid actuated Valve Train (SAVT)

Man’s fascination with fast and personal transportation over land, sea and air is evident from the mention of the Flying Chariot or the “Auran Khatola” in the ancient Indian mythology and the famous Magic Carpet in the Arabian Night Tales. … Read More